• About Us

    “To be a learning organization delivering innovative solutions and services globally.”

    Bee Data Technology is a Global Leader in Enterprise Application Development. We undertake both Product Development and also enable our clients in more than 10 countries. With the backing of a stable governance and defined processes we excel in reaching our Goals effectively.

    We strategize enterprises business with latest trends in technology and help them better prepare for the ever changing future of the company. We co-author ground breaking solutions for enterprises in multiple aspects, some of which are very critical to the clients' business and some are for the greater good of human beings.

    Bee Data Technology has always been a believer in innovating things in all the aspects of the company. We blend innovation and creativity into the Application Development sectors for our clients making us a very unique technological partner who cares.
    We offer a very wide spectrum of services into Enterprise Application Development. We stitch together a hybrid solution for our clients to solve the complex business problems.

    Bee Data Technology in its business over a decade and half into Enterprise Application Development and Consulting, has always put our clients' business ahead of ours. We value relationship and always make sure that the clients' business and lives enhance with our solutions further.
    Since our inception in 2004, we have catered many sectors ranging from Real Estate, Finance and Banking, Insurance to Smart Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things. We conquered many challenges that are thrown at us with innovation, integrity and importance.

    Bee Data Technology is a proud space for Equal Opportunity to grow, mold and revive careers. We encourage Engineering to think as artists with passion and an eye for excellence. Know more about us.