• E2E Tracking

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    Our expertise in various business spheres and technologies enables us to understand the business requirements and helps us to develop solutions within a short turnaround time with high quality product thus saving clients time and money. Equipped with the most advanced hardware and software development, testing and analysis tools, we hope to give excellent solutions within budget and without cutting corners. Our primary aim is to deliver high quality and viable solutions for securing huge and complex application software. Only with an in-depth knowledge of software packages can trustworthy and wide-ranging solutions be developed and deployed effectively.

    E2E Tracking

    There is very a smaller number of tools available in the market to cover E2E staffing and placement.
    Most of the tools covers only half of the E2E flow. To overcome this gap. We designed and implemented this tool. Our tool covers starting from resume preparation to onboarding the candidate. This also covers client Interactions during interview process also.

    Candidates will not concentrate much for resume preparation; this is the unique tool which helps To prepare strong resume with different industry standards especially in IT industry.

    Our tool helps during training, candidates can manage their own schedules with virtual or online classes During interview period, tool helps on scheduling interviews and getting feedback from clients Preparing for second and final round of interviews. This helps candidates good understanding of step By step, where they stand on the interview process. Candidates also see client feedback which helps For their future.

    Finally helps candidates for on boarding process, which includes initial setup, E-Verification process, Initial payroll processing.