• Testing & QA

    Our proven capabilities of Highly qualified testing engineers experienced in various domains

    We provides a dedicated team of independent testers who provide a detailed report on the application being put under testing.We specialize in manual testing which is conducted by experts as well as automatic testing using the latest technologies.

    The quality analysis components include quality control, robustness and correctness of the implemented system. With right quality analysis the system is made error free and a detailed report is generated for future reference. All our works at Bee Data technology are done by industry experts with years of experience in their dedicated fields.

    Whatever you choose, we will address the challenges about your business goals. We guarantee quality throughout the testing process

    Our Testing Services

    Defining key points of the project: Closely cooperating with the rest of the project team, testing engineers determine sets of conditions that allow the team to start, postpone, resume or stop the testing process.

    Analyzing project requirements: Our testing team studies your project requirements. In case the requirements are insufficient, our testing team will help you improve them.

      Test analysis and design: The testing team transforms checklists (test ideas) into test cases and test suites.

      Result analysis and accountability: The testing team provides test summary report describing the results of testing efforts and software quality overview throughout a given cycle.

      Test implementation: Our testing team runs test cases and timely provide the information on bugs and defects to the developers.